Emilio J. Padrón []

Member of the Computer Architecture Group at Universidade da Coruña. My research fields are High Performance Computing and Computer Graphics, and my current research activities mainly focus on these areas of interest:

  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
    • Parallel and concurrent processing
      • paradigms, algorithms, frameworks/tools…
    • High performance data analytics (HPDA)
      • in-situ/in-transit analytics (on-line analytics)
      • big data
    • GPGPU
    • Heterogeneous (hybrid) systems
  • Computer Graphics (CG)
    • Point-based rendering
    • Level of detail (LOD)
    • Real-time rendering
    • Physically-based rendering: Global illumination (ray tracing, radiosity)
    • Surface subdivision

Publications: Journals & Conferences