Computer Engineering / Computer Architecture Area
 Department of Computer Engineering
 Centre for Information and Communications Technology Research (CITIC)  Universidade da Coruña

 Phone:  +34-881-011219
 Fax:      +34-981-167160


 Research Interests

  • Programmability
  • Parallel languages/libraries
  • Performance optimization
  • Performance evaluation and prediction
  • Analytical modeling
  • Compiler transformations


  • CLASP, CoLumn-vector pruning-Aware SPmm kernel for GPUs.
  • UPC++ DepSpawn, distributed memory version of DepSpawn developed on top of UPC++.
  • ScalaParBiBit, a parallel tool to find biclusters in binary datasets.
  • OpenCNN, a Winograd’s minimal filtering algorithm implementation in CUDA.
  • binnednp, a R package for nonparametric estimation for interval-grouped data.
  • HPL, a framework that allows an easy and portable way to exploit heterogeneous systems.
  • dparallel_recursion, a library to parallelize divide-and-conquer problems in multi-core clusters.
  • DepSpawn, a library that spawns parallel tasks automatically synchronized by their inputs and outputs.
  • Servet, a benchmark suite that detects many important hardware parameters.
  • CTL, a concurrent set template library.
  • HTA, an implementation of a class to express parallelism and locality.
  • SESC architectural simulator.
  • FlexRAM architecture and programming environment (2001/02).