The main research activity of the Computer Architecture Group is
high-performance computing, focusing on the following research lines:


+ Parallel and distributed computing:

Automatic generation of parallel code. Iterative optimization of codes on heterogeneous architectures. Languages and tools for parallel programming. Fault tolerance and malleability of parallel applications. General purpose computing on GPUs. [Read more]

+ Ultra-fast Java communications:

Low latency Java communication middleware on high-speed cluster networks, such as 10/40 Gigabit Ethernet and InfiniBand. [Read more]

+ Computer graphics and scientific visualization:

Efficient processing of complex graphical models, such as surface subdivision, parametric surfaces and hybrid terrain representation. [Read more]

+ High performance microprocessors:

Computer microarchitecture design. Hardware accelerator design for multimedia and energy-efficient computing. Analytical modelling and performance prediction of the memory hierarchy of computer systems. [Read more]

+ Mobile robotics and computer vision:

Complete avoidance of pre-definition robot control. Identify and locate people and robots in indoor environments. Interacting with people in a friendly and natural way. [Read more]

+ Geographic Information Systems:

GIS applications for real problems requiring large amounts of georeferenced information. [Read more]