Emilio J. Padrón González

Associate Professor [ aka Profesor Contratado Doutor ]

My record at UDC: http://pdi.udc.es/en/File/Pdi/RG9AF


[2017-09-29 Fri] Call for Degree Project students (PFC/TFG/TFM) <updated>
Project proposal: An In-Situ/In-Transit approach to High Performance Data Analytics with Apache Flink (see details)

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emilioj <at> gpul <dot> org
emiliojpg <at> gmail <dot> com

D3.15, Edif. Área Científica. Campus de Elviña s/n. 15071, A Coruña (Spain).

icon-phone +34-881016085 (+34-981167000 x6085)

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