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In this paper, an on-line parallel analytics framework is proposed to process and store in transit all the data being generated by a …

Parallel Molecular Dynamics simulations are generating atom trajectories of growing sizes and complexity. Analyzing these trajectories …

Recent advances in acquisition technologies, such as LIDAR and photogrammetry, have brought back to popularity 3D point clouds in a lot …

Recent advances in acquisition technologies such as LiDAR, range cameras and photogrammetry have put point clouds once again in the …

NURBS (Non-uniform rational B-splines) surfaces are the standard freeform representation in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) applications. …

NURBS (Non-uniform rational B-splines) surfaces are one of the most useful primitives employed for high quality modeling in CAD/CAM …

Rendering of Bézier surfaces is currently performed by tessellating the model on the GPU and rendering the highly detailed triangle …


2018-2019 Academic year

Degree: Bachelor of Computer Science / Grao en Enxeñería Informática


Degree: Master of Computer Science / Mestrado en Enxeñería Informática (MUEI)


  • Interaction, Graphics and Multimedia / Interacción, Gráficos e Multimedia (IGM)
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Degree: Master in HPC (High Performance Computing) / Mestrado en Computación de Altas Prestacións


Degree: Master in Design, Development and Marketing of Videogames / Mestrado en Deseño, Desenvolvemento e Comercialización de Videoxogos


  • Video Game Performance and Optimization / Rendemento e optimización de videoxogos
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Final Year Project Supervision: BSc & MSc

Call for proposals!

Here you can check the open proposals I’m offering rightnow, along with a log with the projects I’ve supervised these years.

If you are interested in any of them, or if you have another ideas for a Final Year Project on the fields of HPC, Data Analytics/Big Data or Computer Graphics, contact me!

Open Proposal: 20190220

Deep Learning chroma keyer implementation.

Open Proposal: 20190219

Implementation of an Automatic Camera Operator using Deep Reinforcement Learning.

Open Proposal: 20190218

Deep Learning Approach for Point-based Rendering.


Past supervised projects.

Work in Progress: 201809

Invoicing sofware for service providers based on a Java EE multilayer architecture.


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